If your workstation is a part of UTORcis there are distinct instructions specific to your configuration.

  1. Open Remote Desktop Connection and expand Show Options.
  2. In the Computer field enter your computer’s name, or its IP address.
  3. Switch to the Local Resources tab.
    1. Uncheck Printers
    2. Uncheck Clipboard
    3. Click More
      1. Uncheck all except Smart Cards
      2. Click OK
  4. Switch to the Advanced Tab
    1. Under “Connect from anywhere” click Settings
    2. Select Use these RD Gateway server settings
    3. Under Server name enter rdg.ad.utoronto.ca
    4. Under Logon method select Smart card
    5. OPTIONAL: if your computer will accept the eToken for login, check Use my RD Gateway credentials for the remote computer. Otherwise, it should be unchecked.
    6. Click OK
  5. Click Connect

When connecting, you will first enter your eToken Password, then be prompted to connect to your remote computer. Finally, you will be asked to confirm that you have connected to the correct, trusted, computer. If you receive a certificate error, please stop and contact your IT support team.