Instructions for Requesting ServID

Step 1:

Department requestor must login to the UofT Service Request System at with their UTORid/password, and submit a ticket to ISEA (Information Security and Enterprise Architecture)

The first step is to select the request type.  Work through the drop-downs to select:

Enterprise Services -> Identity Management -> ServID Provisioning Request

Before submitting request, please read the instructions carefully.  You may click on the blue “i” icon for an explanation of the field.

Info Tips

IDAM ACL SourceWhat is the source IP/Network of the traffic? (Comma Separated List, CIDR format). The SERVid will only be allowed to authenticate from this list of IP/networks.
HRIS IDDepartment/Division/Faculty Code as it appears in HRIS. Only the last 3 digits are necessary.
MAP IDUofT Managed Application Portfolio (MAP) ID - the name of the application.
Instance IDIf there are multiple instances of this service (load balanced servers, for example), include the instance number this SERVid will be used on.
IDAM IDUTORid of the Person who is authorized to request the change, if not same as the requestor.

Once you save the ticket, it will automatically be submitted to the ISEA team.  Please see below for a screenshot of the ticket submission process.

Step 2:

Once the ticket is created, please forward department approval (manager level or above) to Our IAM team will create your ServID and sent you the SAK via a ticket update.

One or more tickets may be generated if request meets one of the following:

  1. If a virtual eToken (x.509 certificate) is required, a <user certificate procurement> ticket will be generated and sent to our staff. Our team will generate x.509 certificate and attach it to the ticket. The password to decode x.509 certificate will be sent via UTsend.
  2. If ServID is request for DEV/QA/UAT, a <QA UTORID Provisioning Request> ticket will be generated and sent to our staff. Our team will create EADQA account and attach it to the ticket. User must verify the password once receive the EADQA account.

Please note that ServID can only be used for the system that is originally requested (provided in the IDAM: ACL sources). If source is changed, please submit the change request by creating the following ticket type:

Enterprise Services -> Identity Management -> ServID Change Request