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Some of the services provided by ISEA require software.

The installers are available from (weblogin required).

Cisco AnyConnect client

Required to use the UTORvpn, AdminSYS VPN, and UnitVPN services.

Software Download Warning

AdminSYS VPN users that leverage Apple Mac OS (Catalina or previous versions), Cisco AnyConnect (4.8 or previous versions) and e-token 10.2 (or previous version) should put a hold on Big Sur upgrade plans until official eToken support is released by Information Security. We estimate the size of population to be approximately 70 users according to our VPN – 90-day usage stats.

UTORvpn users that leverage Apple Mac OS (Big Sur or previous versions) and/or Cisco AnyConnect (4.8 or previous version) can proceed to upgrade Cisco AnyConnect to version 4.9.

If you are both Adminsys VPN and UTORvpn users, you should put a hold on Big Sur upgrade plans and follow the same guidance given to AdminSYS VPN users.

Safenet Authentication client

Required to authenticate to various protected systems (e.g. ROSI, HRIS, etc.) using the eToken.

Safenet Authentication Manager

Required to manage eTokens.