For many Windows users Remote Desktop (RDP) has become an essential part of their regular work practices. For a long time RDP has posed a serious security challenge, to mitigate its vulnerabilities we are offering the Remote Desktop Gateway service to protect connections.

Getting Started

Firstly, you must be issued an eToken. This will authenticate you to the Remote Desktop Gateway; it may also allow you access to your workstation. In addition to an eToken, your workstation must be licences for Remote Connection (Pro, Enterprise, or Server edition licences), and enabled to allow Remote Desktop. If you have questions about this, please contact your local IT support resource.

In order to securely access RDP on your workstation, you, or your IT administrator, needs to configure system and network firewalls to allow remote desktop access between your workstation and only the Remote Desktop Gateway infrastructure. If you are administering a firewall, please contact us for network details.


Currently, only connections from Windows is supported.