Once you have created UTORids and barcodes for your students or staff, you are responsible to communicate this information to them. We have a couple of template letters that should help you do this.

  • UTORid with SAK
    This letter should be used for people to whom you are giving a brand new UTORid. It communicates the information necessary to set up and start using their UTORid.
  • UTORid with no SAK
    This letter should be used for people who already have a UTORid. It is a reminder of the services that are available to them and contains some instructions on obtaining a TCard, should they find that necessary.

You can easily distinguish between re-used UTORids and new ones. Simply look in the SAK column of the file you downloaded and if there is an entry, you have a new UTORid that needs to be activated. Otherwise the UTORid is already being used. If the owner of the UTORid cannot remember their password, they should contact the Information Commons Help Desk. Hours of operation and contact information can be found here.