Here are a few uses of the UTORauth system around campus. These are provided as an overview of some of the possible uses for UTORauth, not as an exhaustive list. For questions about gaining access to UTORable resources, please read our FAQ or contact Russell Sutherland for more information.

The UofT Portal

The UofT portal/LMS project is using UTORauth for its authentication and authorization engine. The portal and LMS will be using the popular Blackboard content management system.


my.access is the Library’s portal to numerous resources including online journals and book renewal screens.


UTM receives a feed of all students registered at the UTM campus. They use this data to power a number of applications including:

  • Audio Visual equipment booking for rooms on campus
  • The UTM Computing Services work request Trouble Ticket Application
  • and many more…

Athletic Centre

The Athletic Centre uses UTORauth data to limit access to their facilities on the basis of student status.


The computer labs in the Bahen building are locked with a centralized locking system. The ECF administers this sytem, and uses UTORauth data to allow access to certain students and faculty. ECF provides a set of criterion according to the ROSI post codes, and all students matching these criterion are selected from UTORauth.


The Computing Disciplines Facility gets a listing of students who are in some way affiliated with the Computer Science department. They use this information to manage accounts on the computers.

Facilities and Services

Facilities and Services are using Weblogin and UTORable to authenticate users to their online parking permit purchase application. See the website below for more information about this service. On-Line Student Permit Purchase

Faculty of Architecture

The Department of Architecture uses a feed from UTORauth to authenticate users and offer customized content on their website.

TCard Office

Historically, the TCard office produced TCards with data from the library. UTORauth has taken over management of this database and making sure it contains the most recent information.

The Computer Access Facilities

Various CAFs around campus require users to authenticate with their UTORid before using the computers. A real-time query is sent first to Kerberos to authenticate the user, and then to the UTORable LDAP server to determine what level of access the user should have.

The Help Desk

The Help Desk  gather information about a student from UTORauth in real time. The application permits a search of UTORauth by some of the student’s primary identifiers.

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