UTORMFA is a security solution that makes remote work better.

  • Simple: Only two clicks for a safer login.
  • Fast: Self-enroll in minutes.
  • Secure: Organizations that use MFA are significantly less likely to experience a breach.
  • Convenient: Access even high security applications from home.

What is UTORMFA?

UTORMFA is the University of Toronto’s multi-factor authentication solution. ​

UTORMFA adds an extra layer of security to your login, enabling you to work remotely with confidence. ​ UTORMFA verifies your identity using a second factor like a mobile device or hardware token ensuring that only you can login.

How does it work?

UTORMFA’s multi-factor authentication solution is provided by DUO, a mobile application. ​

​When you attempt to login, a push notification is sent to your phone by DUO.

What do I need?

You can enroll with an Apple or Android device. If you need accommodations, contact your local help desk.

When do I use it?

UTORMFA only activates when logging in from off-campus locations. ​Most users only need to authenticate once a day. Users accessing high security apps may need to authenticate more frequently.

Ready to self-enrol?

Click here to self enrol

Watch the UTORMFA info session recording or download the slide deck (PDF) to learn more about self enrolment.