ISEA’s Services provide identity and access management, help secure data in transit, and help keep your systems secure.

Policies and Practices

ISEA assists and informs the University’s development of Policies and Practices to support and secure information and information systems.

Panic...or not.

Threat to life or property? – call 911

Sectigo AddTrust Certificate Expiry

This is an alert for system and service IT administrators regarding a key certificate used with the Sectigo digital certificate service. See advisory here – new May 27, 2020.

Critical Vulnerability in Citrix Products

There is no patch or update available at this time. The vendor has described a workaround. Please monitor the vendor site for software updates. See advisory here – new Jan 15, 2020.

Microsoft Windows 10 Vulnerability

Microsoft will be releasing a fix today as part of   their ‘Patch Tuesday’ service. Please ensure  patches and updates are applied when available.  See advisory here – new Jan 14, 2020.


Risk and Compliance

ISEA offers Risk Assessment services at different levels, as well as guidance in complying with Risk Management Programs.

Security Tools

ISEA maintains several Security Tools to assess and measure vulnerabilities of systems, source code, software as well as others that help protect systems from attack.