New Students

You will have received a flyer in your acceptance package that has directions for getting a TCard. When you visit the TCard office, you will be given your UTORid and a “SAK sheet”.  See the bottom of this page to activate your UTORid.


Staff or faculty hired by UofT (as opposed to one of the federated colleges) should contact their business officer.

Staff/Faculty of Federated Colleges

If you are a staff or faculty member of one of the federated colleges you will have to visit the business officer in your college to obtain your UTORid. Your business officer has a tool that allows him/her to upload you to our central database and retrieve a UTORid and SAK.

Contractors, Temporary Staff/Faculty, Visiting Professors

If you fall into one of these categories, (and do not appear in HRIS), the department you are working for should apply for a  Long-Term Guest UTORid.

Existing Students/Staff/Faculty

All students, staff and faculty who are already part of UofT and did not get a UTORid in one of the ways mentioned above should visit the TCard office in Koffler. Bring your previous Library identification card or TCard, and the office will issue you a UTORid as well as a new TCard and SAK sheet.

Short-Term Visitor

If you are a visitor who requires a UTORid for a period of 5 days or less, you can be sponsored by a staff or faculty member for a Short-Term Guest UTORid.


Alumni who already have a UTORid can keep using it after they graduate. Alumni who don’t have a UTORid should contact Alumni Services. Click here for more details.

Postgraduate Medical Education

If you are a part of the PGME program, take your letter of offer to the TCard office. The staff there will be able to print you a card that has your UTORid on it, and a SAK sheet.


The Secret Activation Key is a one-use password that allows you to perform the initial setup of your UTORmail account (institutional email) and UTORid password. To use this SAK, please visit the activation page at