These UTORids are available to persons who have a long-term (greater than 5 days) relationship to the University of Toronto, such as visiting staff/faculty and contractors. This procedure can also be used to add status to a UTORid you already own.


To obtain this type of UTORid for a person working with your department (or to provide status to their already existing UTORid), please send them with a letter of introduction from your department to the Reader Registration Desk on the second floor of Robarts Library. The letter should include at least the following pieces of information:

  • must be written on a departmental letterhead
  • the name and birthdate of your contractor
  • the length of their appointment with U of T
  • the name and address of your department

In addition to this letter, the applicant should bring valid photo identification. If your guest is accepted by Reader Registration, they will be sent to the TCard office where a UTORid and TCard are issued (or status extended to their already existing UTORid).

For more information contact reader.reg@utoronto.ca or call 416-978-7694.