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What Is UTORGrouper?

In conjunction with WebLogin / Shibboleth as the institutional single sign on strategy, UTORGrouper helps manage information risk by providing a secure and standards-based means to manage authorizations across multiple services, making use of groups.

What does UTORGrouper do?

UTORGrouper allows faculty, business managers, administrative and non-technical staff to manage access control to information resources though a user-friendly web interface.

How do I get access to UTORGrouper?

Please contact your divisional contact representative, in most cases in your IT group.

Where is UTORGrouper?

Access is through WebLogin, at

Learn More about UTORGrouper:

ISEA offers courses for UTORGrouper aimed at either new users (an Introduction to UTORGrouper) or for developers and advanced users (Advanced UTORGrouper) through ODLC. Please visit the  ODLC Grouper Training page for more information:

Learn more about the Grouper initiative

General information about Grouper can be found at and

For UTORgrouper service, please visit our Contact page.