The Fetch Identifiers tool is designed to help you obtain lists of UTORids, SAKs and library barcodes. This tool only works for populations that already reside in the ROSI or HRIS databases, and the list that you upload will be a list of student or personnel numbers. There are two main modes this tool functions in:

  1. Fetch Only — Using the tool like this allows you to obtain a list of identifiers (UTORids or barcodes) for a group of students/staff/faculty who have already been assigned these identifiers previously. For example, say you have a set of students that will be accessing your college’s food service with their TCard, and you have to pre-populate your database with the barcodes for these students. Using the Fetch Identifiers tool, you could upload your list of students and download that same list with the barcodes attached within minutes.
  2. Create and Fetch — Alternatively, you can request identifiers for students/staff/faculty prior to the normal cycle of issuance. For example, say your department wanted to hand out UTORids to students with their letter of acceptance. Your department could upload the student numbers that were on the list of accepted students and receive back those student numbers with the UTORid, SAK and barcode attached.In this mode we will always try to recycle a UTORid or barcode if the student or staff member had one in a previous affiliation with the University. You can tell the difference between a new and old UTORid by looking at the SAK field. If it is empty, they have an already activated UTORid. If it is populated then the person will need to activate their UTORid.

NOTE: If you are using the tool in this mode, you agree to be responsible for the dissemination of all UTORids created via any of your uploads, as well as the education of your users about how to activate their UTORid.

Upload Notes

As has already been mentioned, the list that you upload to this tool will simply be a list of student numbers or employee numbers. No other information is necessary.

Download Notes

Your download may vary slightly from what was described on the using the tools page. This will depend on what data you are authorized to receive when you initially sign up.