We have gathered here the questions asked to UTORauth most frequently. If you cannot find an answer to your question here, please email it to utorauth@utoronto.ca

I’d like to use UTORauth for my application; where do I start?

All queries regarding access to UTORauth resources should be directed towards utorauth@utoronto.ca, In your email, please be sure to include a one or two paragraph description of the service you will be providing.

Does UTORauth decide who has access to the data?

No. Since UTORauth is not the authoritative source for this data, we cannot permit access directly. However, UTORauth will act as a broker between you and the authoritative source to set up the access privileges.

I’m going to be building my database from the UTORable LDAP directory. Is there an appropriate time of day to do this?

No. If you are planning on having a local copy of the data you receive from UTORauth, please consider setting up a batch feed. These are created daily and significantly reduce the load on the LDAP server.