UTORauth stores data from two primary databases (HRIS and ROSI) as well as a number of secondary ones. These secondary sources are referred to as “others” in this document.


Your group is eligible for “other” status if three conditions are met:

  1. your population of students or staff are not present in either HRIS or ROSI
  2. your department/organization would still like to give your staff/students access to U of T resources that require a UTORid or library barcode.
  3. your department collects “strong” ID data for your population; that is, you store a birthdate and/or SIN.

Upload Notes

Each time you use this application, you should upload your entire current population to UTORauth. If someone has left the department since the last upload, leave them out of the file; if someone has joined, put them in. Our system will make sure that people are deactivated and activated in UTORauth.

Before we can give people access to U of T resources through their UTORid, we must be able to uniquely identify them in our database. For each person in your department we require at least the first and last name, a birthdate or SIN, and some sort of indication of what position they hold in your department (whether they are staff or faculty, grad or undergrad student, etc.) For more information on what format this data should take, please read over this page.

Download Notes

Since this new system has been put into place, it is now the only way for groups outside of HRIS and ROSI to obtain a UTORid or barcode. (Individual access is granted in other ways, as laid out on the “sponsoring a UTORid” page).

Since any new people in your department will require the UTORid and SAK to activate their UTORid (and obtain a UofT email address), we recommend that groups produce a letter containing these three pieces of information (UTORid, SAK and barcode) for each new person that comes into your population. Putting the barcode on the letter as well also enables the user to get started with electronic resources before obtaining a TCard.

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