Batch Guest UTORids

Batch Guest UTORids are available to groups who have a population that is not represented in UTORauth.  You should use this tool only if you don’t collect “strong” ID data for your population; i.e., a SIN or birthdate as well as the first and last name.  If you have strong data, you should consider using the Manage Other Data tool.

Upload Notes

Batch Guest UTORids are created through the upload-download tool.  Unlike the Manage Other Data tool, new UTORids will be created for each person you put in each CSV file, so you should not submit the same person twice or you will end up with two UTORids for them.  Each time you need a batch of UTORids, upload a CSV file containing the following three columns:

firstname, surname, email address

As a part of the upload process you will be asked to specify an expiry date for the UTORids you are requesting.  There will be a maximum amount of time you are allowed to specify; generally this will be about one academic term, but exceptions can be made if you need the UTORids to last longer than that.

Download Notes

There are four main ways that a Batch Guest UTORid differs from a regular UTORid:

  1. The password that appears as the fifth column in the file you download is the UTORid’s actual password, not the SAK.  These UTORids do not need to be activated.

  2. The UTORids created using htis process do not resemble the person’s name; they reside in a separate namespace and will all start with the string ‘qq’.
  3. The UTORids created during this process will have a relatively short expiry date, set at the time they are requested.  Once the expiry date has passed, these UTORids will be deleted and never re-used.
  4. No library privileges are extended to the people using these UTORids; they are for the Quercus and Wireless systems only.

Operational Guidelines

When using the Batch Guest UTORid creation tool, you agree that the UTORids created will comply to the following set of guidelines.


  1. You will be using this tool to service a population of people that does not already appear in UTORauth.  If there is a situation where a few of the people in your group already appear in UTORauth, we ask that you not use the tool to create a UTORid for these people.
  2. UTORids are intended for use by individuals only.  Hence, the creation of accounts that would be shared among a group of people is not permitted.
  3. If you have “strong” ID data (that is, firstname, lastname and birthdate) for your group, we would prefer that you use the “Manage Other Data” tool to distribute UTORids to your users.