Using these tools is a two step upload-download process.

1. Upload

These tools only receive Excel Spreadsheet files in both the older .xls and newer .xlsx formats. The contents of your file will differ depending on which application you are using, and more details can be found on those pages. In addition, once you have logged into our secure website, you can always find out what the format of your file should be by clicking on the “Data Format” tab at the top of the webpage.

2. Download

After your file has been processed, you will be able to download a file that contains all of your data plus three new fields. If you are using the Fetch Identifiers tool in create mode or the Manage Other Data tool, you are responsible to provide your students/staff/faculty with the information necessary to begin using their UTORid. We have provided a few template letters that will help you in this process.

The UTORid and SAK

More information on the UTORid can be found here. Some of the people you upload may already have a UTORid and we attempt to re-use that UTORid rather than creating a new one. If a person does not already have a UTORid, a new one will be created along with a Secret Activation Key (SAK). The SAK is a one-time use password that will allow the person to set their personal password and choose a UTORmail address. Instructions on activating UTORids can be found at the UTORid site:

Note: You can easily distinguish between re-used UTORids and new ones. Simply look in the SAK column and if there is an entry you have a new UTORid that needs to be activated. Otherwise the UTORid is already being used. If the owner of the UTORid cannot remember their password, they should contact the Information Commons Help Desk. Hours of operation and contact information can be found here.

The Library Barcode

In addition to the UTORid, everyone you upload will also receive a library barcode. This barcode becomes active the day after it is created, and the person can start using it to access online resources even if they don’t have a library card yet. Once again, we will try to re-use old barcodes rather than creating a new one.