There may be an occasion where you need to give short-term access to protected University of Toronto resources that require a UTORid for authentication. CNS has implemented a self-serve system of Guest UTORid access that will allowUofT staff and faculty to create UTORids immediately. Guest UTORids have access to the UofT wireless network , but are not eligible for a UTORmail email address.


Sponsoring a short-term guest UTORid is a self-service process. The page for creating these short-term guest UTORids can be found here: https://www.utorid.utoronto.ca/guest. Directions on the use of this page are located on that site.


Short-Term Guest UTORids last for a 5 day period at which point they expire and are removed from UTORauth. Sponsors are discouraged from creating a string of short-term UTORids. If you have a patron who requires access to resources for a period longer than 5 days, you are advised to pursue sponsoring a Long-Term Guest UTORid. Also, if you should find it necessary to create more than 50 of these short-term UTORids, we would ask that you please contact Network Services to inform them of this.

As a staff member of the University of Toronto, and a sponsor for the guest UTORid that you will create, you agree:

  • That you will securely provide this guest UTORid userid and password to one, and only one, individual, hereafter “the guest”, for their exclusive use. Shared use of a guest UTORid is not permitted.
  • That you are responsible to communicate the UTORid, but never the password, to University of Toronto staff responsible for authorization for university services. (e.g. if the guest needs to access a classroom podium, you will need to provide the guest UTORid to the individual responsible for maintaining the list of UTORids authorized to use that podium.)
  • That the person for whom you are creating this guest UTORid has legitimate access under relevant University policies to university resources that this guest UTORid will be used to authenticate to. (e.g. if you are creating this guest UTORid so the guest can use a classroom podium, then you must ensure that the guest is allowed to use the podium under relevant University of Toronto policy.)
  • That you will ensure the user of the guest UTORid abides by law and University of Toronto policy. You should explain legal obligations and university policy to the guest. You are responsible for any violations that your guest commits. Note that as the sponsor and creator of the guest UTORid, you will be the University of Toronto’s contact for any security or policy concerns.
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