UTORauth provides a set of tools available to administrative staff for managing and obtaining lists of UTORids and barcodes. Below are short descriptions of these two tools, and you can follow the links to find out more about their use.

  • Fetch Identifiers
    Intended Users: Administrative Staff / Registrars
    Fetch lists of UTORids and barcodes for students, staff and faculty already in the ROSI or HRIS databases. Upload a list of student or personnel numbers to receive back the UTORids and or barcodes associated with those IDs.
  • Other Data Sources
    Intended Users: Business Officers
    Manage your population of students, staff or faculty in UTORauth. This tool is for organizations — like the federated colleges — that have a permanent population not represented in ROSI or HRIS. A business officer uses the tool to keep a current list of the active students/staff in UTORauth.

Contact us by sending an email to utorauth@utoronto.ca if you would like to register for either of these services. In your email, please give a description of how you intend to use the service.