UTORvpn is a general, remote access, VPN service. It connects your computer to the University’s network and protects the traffic across suspect intermediate networks such as hotels and coffee shops. UTORvpn cannot be combined with other network security measures such as Anonymous VPNs or TOR. When connected, all internet traffic from your computer will pass through UTORvpn. You will sign into UTORvpn using your UTORid and password.

It can be used for easier access to library e-resources and access other services which may be restricted to general on-campus networks. UTORvpn should not be used for privileged access or other security-sensitive work; please see AdminVPN for those needs.

Who can use it?

UTORvpn is available to all University Faculty and Staff identified through UTORauth. Additionally,  active graduate students and students Sponsored by a Faculty of Staff member.

To sponsor a student for UTORvpn please contact us. You (the sponsor) must email from your University email account with: the UTORid of the student(s) you wish to sponsor; and an expiry date for their use of UTORvpn.

Guest accounts (with a qq prefix) or other irregular accounts cannot connect to UTORvpn.

What can I use UTORvpn for?

Use of UTORvpn is subject to the University’s Appropriate use of Technology Guidelines. Most web browsing or common e-communications activities are permitted. Because UTORvpn protects all of your internet traffic, and this is a shared service, please be cognizant of how much bandwidth you are using. If you use more than 5 GB in a session we will alert you by email. If we identify a suspicious or abusive pattern of behaviour we may take further action to protect your account and the integrity of the service.

Migration Notice: UTORvpn is undergoing a migration from OpenVPN to Cisco’s ASA VPN. For documentation on the legacy OpenVPN see http://vpn.utoronto.ca/. .