Last summer, Information Security introduced a new Cisco product-based VPN solution with the intent of replacing the legacy OpenVPN product in UTORvpn. After several months of a successful operation, we are now initiating the end of life support for OpenVPN and transitioning into Cisco Anyconnect VPN. Departmental VPN and Administrative System VPN Services are not impacted by these changes.

Important Note for application owners: The Cisco Anyconnect VPN assigns you a new range of IP addresses. Applications that use firewalls to control access to OpenVPN IP address will have to reconfigure firewall to allow new address ranges. For more information, please visit:

You can download Cisco AnyConnect Client at with setup instructions from

Important Dates

Event Date
Discontinuation of OpenVPN account creation Starting March 4, 2020
Migrating batches of non-static IP users Starting March 10, 2020
Static IP Address Cutovers Starting April 28, 2020
OpenVPN End of life May 5, 2020


I am currently using OpenVPN.

  1. How do I make the migration?

    To migrate, you simply install the Cisco Anyconnect VPN client and then login with current credentials. You can download Cisco AnyConnect Client following the instructions from

  2. When will the migration occur?

    All registered users of OpenVPN not assigned a static IP address will be provided individual migration cut-off date starting on March 10, 2020. Users will receive a warning message 7 days before their OpenVPN service will be disabled. We encourage users to start migration as soon as possible. Users may migrate before they receive the warning message.

  3. Is this migration mandatory?

    Yes. All users of the existing OpenVPN service are required to migrate to new services before May 5, 2020.

  4. I currently have a static IP address, will I have to get a new one?

    No. Users issued a static IP through OpenVPN will be issued the same IP address in Cisco Anyconnect VPN service. Static IP users will have an OpenVPN service cutover on April 28, 2020, different from non-static IP users.

I am currently using Cisco AnyConnect VPN.

No further action needed. You have successfully migrated.


If you have more questions or concerns, contact