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Mar 16, 2020: Update on UTORvpn Migration

Last week, the VPN team sent you a communication that we are moving the existing UTORvpn (“OpenVPN”) to a new General Purpose VPN service and that the service would be decommissioned on May 5, 2020. 


Based on feedback and the fluid nature of COVID-19 response, the UTORvpn (“OpenVPN”) will not be decommissioned until after we get through this.  If you manage your own access, the team still encourages you to move to the new General Purpose VPN service but change can be challenging at a time like this. 


You are received this message because you used the UTORvpn service in the last year.  You may have other mechanisms to get remote access to your system and your local IT support are working feverishly to help clarify your best options for keeping access while working remotely.