A new look for UTORMFA is coming soon!

During the week of October 11th to 15th, UTORMFA users will see a new look on the Duo Mobile application.  

1.What is changing?  

Duo Mobile,  which provides UTORMFA’s two-factor authentication service, is introducing a redesigned version of its app.  

The redesigned Duo Mobile app is designed to make the login experience better by: 

  • Updating the position of the Approve / Deny buttons so that Approve is on the right — a more natural location.  
  • Improving the accessibility of the app, including adding a landscape view, variable font sizes and improved color contrast.   
  • Providing clear guidance on how to restore accounts  on a new device.  
  • Making it easier to find and manage your accounts with a simpler interface.  

Here is a preview of the app’s new look:  

Image of the updated look and feel of the Duo application's approve/deny prompt              Image of the updated look and feel of the Duo application's passcode page

2. Why is it changing?  

The UTORMFA service provider, Duo, is upgrading their software and distributing this change through all major platforms.  

3. When the Duo Mobile update launches, will UTORMFA users need to do anything?  

If users have enabled automatic app updates on their device, Duo Mobile will update automatically. The Duo Mobile app can also be manually updated.   

4. What if I don’t want to update the app now, or if my device is not compatible with the update?  

If you don’t update the app, you can continue using the old version of Duo Mobile. However, you will not be able to enjoy the new user interface and app support from the University and Duo may not be available in the future.   

5. What is not changing?  

The core functionality of Duo Mobile is not changing. Users will continue to be able to: 

  • Receive a push notification.  
  • Use passcodes.  
  • Add, edit, reorder and remove accounts.  
  • Backup and restore accounts.  
  • Use dark mode.  
  • For more information, watch Duo Mobile’s video about the update.  

If you have questions, contact your tri-campus help desk:  

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