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Remote Access Ladder

When working remotely, there are 3 tiers of access technology. You should use the lowest one appropriate to your needs. Access Tier Description Uses 1: HTTPS HTTPS provides security  for traffic transiting the internet. It can be combined with logins to provide access to web-based applications. Most web applications which use UofT weblogin accessible through … Read More

Whitehats, Red Team-Blue Team, Capture the Flag…

Recently Allan Stojanovic, one of the key members of the network visibility and InfoSec incident response team, organized and participated in a ‘Whitehat Challenge’ with CERN. Their goal was to, in a controlled way, hack at CERN’s infrastructure for the purpose of discovering vulnerabilities and, in turn, improving the security design of services. CERN acknowledgement: And the … Read More

Improved Information Security and Enterprise Architecture Website

Welcome to the re-vamped Information Security and Enterprise Architecture  (ISEA) website. The objective for the new site is to improve the presentation and usability of ISEA’s services and information. In conjunction with the Information Security Awareness and Education site (, you can easily find information and see it presented in a format that fits your needs. New … Read More