Learn about U of T’s multi-factor authentication service

Join the UTORMFA project team to learn about U of T’s latest information security solution: multi-factor authentication (MFA). UTORMFA roll outs have been underway across the tri-campus and all USW and appointed staff should be self-enrolled by May 2021.  

In the info session, attendees will learn what UTORMFA is and how it works. Matt Wilks, the UTORMFA project team’s technical lead, will guide attendees through the self-enrollment process. Finally, the floor will be open for your questions and concerns.  

About UTORMFA:  

UTORMFA is a security solution that makes remote work better. MFA adds an extra layer of security to your login, enabling you to work remotely with confidence. It is:   

  • Simple: Only two clicks for a safer login.  
  • Fast: Self-enroll in minutes  
  • Secure: Organizations that use MFA are significantly less likely to experience a breach.  
  • Convenient: Access even high security applications from home.  

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about how you can login with confidence with UTORMFA.  

Info session dates, times and event links:  

Tuesday, April 20 at 9:15 am 

Tuesday, April 27 at 4 pm 

Thursday, April 29 at 12 pm 

Monday, May 3 at 2 pm 

Wednesday, May 5 at 3 pm