Remote Access Ladder

When working remotely, there are 3 tiers of access technology. You should use the lowest one appropriate to your needs.

Access Tier Description Uses


HTTPS provides security  for traffic transiting the internet. It can be combined with logins to provide access to web-based applications. Most web applications which use UofT weblogin accessible through a web browser, Microsoft Outlook, and other thick clients.

2: VPN

A VPN will re-locate your traffic to a very specific network. This can afford you access to network resoruces not available to the Open Web. There are several VPNs to choose from at UofT.
  • AdminsysVPN: Access to ROSI and AMS.
  • Divisional Provided VPN: access to department network resources.
  • UTORvpn: General access as if you were on the campus Wifi. Also provides security if connected to a suspect network.

3: VPN + Remote Desktop

Because of perimeter security all Remote Desktop Connections must originate from within the UofT network, therefor you must connect to a VPN first. Once connected you may connect to your office workstation. NOTE: there may be workstation and local network security policies that need to be updated before you can use this access tier.
  • Access to files local to your workstation.
  • Access to network resources specifically bound to your workstation.