eToken Certificate renewal

Etoken certificates expire every 5 years. If a certificate expires the user will receive a message when the token connects to the VPN “Certificate Validation Failure” message immediately without asking the user for a password.

Once a certificate expires the user will no longer be able to use the eToken to access the VPN and will not be able to access some essential University services. A user must renew their certificate to restore access to these services.

A user can check to see when their certificate expires by completing the following steps

  1. Connect the eToken
  2. Open ‘Safenet Authentication Client Tools’
  3. Select Advanced View
  4. Open User Certificate to view expiration date

Authentication Services will provide email notice directly to individual users & administrators.

Users will receive,

  • 1st notice 15 days prior to expiry
  • 2nd notice 7 days prior to expiry
  • 3rd and final notice 3 days prior to expiry

Department administrators will receive notice of any users within their department whose eToken certificate is expiring within the following month.

To renew a certificate user should schedule an appointment with their eToken department admin to unassign and re-enroll their eToken. Re-enrollment will renew the user’s certificate for an additional 5 years.

If you need assistance in locating your eToken Department Administrator please access our department contact list by entering your UTORid and UTORid password.