The AnyConnect VPN client is used to gain access to University-wide administrative systems such as ROSI and AMS. This document describes the procedure for installing and configuring the MacOSX client.


  1. Possession of eToken with UTORauth-issued certificate and a current version of the SafeNet client installed on the MacOSX host.
  2. Staff authorization configured. The AnyConnect client will not connect unless at least one authorization is configured. This is configured when the appropriate forms are filled out, approved and submitted to ROSI and AMS business contacts.

Desktop configuration and Installation:

  1. The AnyConnect client is packaged in the dmg and can be downloaded from . It can also be installed direct from the VPN server using Firefox or Chrome via Java. When installing from the VPN server, connect to with the eToken connected.


  1. Connect the eToken.
  2. Start the AnyConnect tunnel from the AnyConnect icon.
  3. For the first connect, enter the VPN server URL:, then select ‘Connect’.
  4. To disconnect the tunnel, use the ‘Disconnect’ button.