Current Advisories

The following is a list of current advisories for the UofT community from Information Security.
2020-05-27Sectigo AddTrust Certificate Expiry
2020-04-20Apache Tomcat Vulnerability ‘Ghostcat’
2020-04-20Microsoft OS and Desktop Application Updates
2020-01-15Critical Vulnerability in Citrix Products
2020-01-14Microsoft Windows 10 Vulnerability
2020-01-14Firefox Vulnerability
2019-10-28PHP-FPM Remote Code Execution Vulnerability
2019-10-03 Firefox Browser and DNS over HTTPS
2019-08-14*Critical* Remote Desktop Services Vulnerabilities
2019-07-10*Critical* Zoom App Vulnerability
2019-05-14*Critical* Remote Desktop Protocol Vulnerability
2018-12-20Internet Explorer Browser Vulnerabilities
2018-10-19Critical Drupal Patches
2018-08-22Critical Apache Struts Vulnerability
2018-04-16Intermittent Weblogin Error when Accessing Acorn
2018-03-12HTTPS and TLS Site Certificate Status
2018-03-01XML Forge Vulnerability
2018-01-05Breach Compilation List Incident
2018-01-05 Meltdown and Spectre Exploits
2017-12-01 MacOS Admin Password Vulnerability