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Updates to eToken Services & News

Solving Common problems with eToken 

Departmental eToken Administrators <UTORid and UTORid password required> can assist with the most common problems . If your Departmental Administrator is not able to help with your problem, please send an email to the eToken Service desk with the following information: 



Department/Division (Faculty) 

System you are trying to connect to 

Description of the problem, including any steps taken so far to fix the problem 


Issue:  Action: 
Request an eToken  Contact Departmental Administrator
Forgotten Password/Locked eToken  Contact Departmental Administrator
Lost or Forgotten eToken  Contact Departmental Administrator
Cannot connect to Cisco Anyconnect  Contact eToken service desk :
Can connect to Cisco Anyconnect but cannot connect to AMS (FIS, HRIS, etc)  Contact AMS help:
Cannot connect to ROSI  Contact ROSI help: 
Transferring to a different U of T Department  Keep your eToken 
Leaving the University  Return eToken to Departmental Administrator


What is an eToken? 

  • The eToken is the University’s multi-factor authentication product, and is used to connect to high-value applications like AMS, ARBOR, and ROSI. 
  • It is a small USB device that is plugged into your computer or laptop when you require access to these systems. 
  • Multifactor Authentication (MFA) is a method of authentication that provides high assurance of identity and is often defined as a combination of something you have (the eToken) with something you know (your UTORID and password). This method of authentication provides higher assurance of identity than use of UTORID and password alone. 

Who needs an eToken?

Information Security and Enterprise Architecture supplies the hardware to departments. The department distributes and manages the use of the eToken at a departmental level.

The services and applications that make use of eTokens at the University are ever expanding. Applications that make use of the eToken are able to provide users directly with technical instruction.   

Here is a list of enterprise level applications that currently make use of eToken authentication. If you are University staff who use one of the systems listed below it is likely you will need an eToken.

Please Note: Various departments have integrated eToken authentication into departmental specific applications or services. Your business Officer will notify you of any departmental requirements for eToken use. The list below is not a complete list.

  • ROSI
  • AMS
  • StarRez
  • UtorAUTH

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How do I obtain an eToken 

eTokens are distributed and managed at a departmental level.  

If You are a New Employee at the University … 

  • Contact your department’s eToken administrator 
  • To Access a list of current eToken administrators, visit our eToken Admin List. You can Log-in to the view the list by providing your UTORid and UTORid password 
  • If your department administrator is not listed or if you seek additional assistance, contact your business officer 

Please Note: You must have an active employee status and active UtorID in order to obtain an eToken. Should you require assistance with UTORid activation, visit the UTORid: Activation page 

If You are an existing staff member transferring to a new department… 

University employees transferring to a different University department should take their eToken with them to their new role/department. If the employee is leaving the University or transferring to a position that does not require an eToken, their eToken should be returned to/retrieved by the Departmental Administrator of the department they are leaving.

For eToken issues and web service login issues, please visit our Contact page.