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UTORMFA is the University of Toronto’s multi-factor authentication solution.

UTORMFA adds a layer of security to your login, enabling teaching, learning and research from wherever you are.

“This was incredibly easy to implement and use.”

Dr. Greg Anderson, Faculty of Dentistry

“It was very easy to get started using UTORMFA, including registering a personal device.”

Professor Andrew Petersen, Mathematical and Computational Sciences

“University of Toronto’s multi-factor authentication solution, UTORMFA, has made me feel safer working remotely.”

Professor Deepa Kundur, Electrical & Computer Engineering

Benefits for faculty

Keeps student data safe.

Protects your login no matter where in the world you are.

Secures access to sensitive research data, on or off campus.

Self-enroll now

It’s easy, fast and you can self-enroll right now! Remember to set aside 10 minutes for the self-enrollment process.

  • Check your device’s compatibility with DUO.
  • Download the DUO app.​
  • Get your mobile device, your computer and set aside 10 minutes to enroll.​
  • Follow the self-enrollment process at the UTORMFA enrollment and device management portal.
  • Full enrollment instructions are available on the UTORMFA website.​

Check if your local Information Technology support offers supported enrollment. Hardware tokens are available for those who can’t use their personal device for authentication. Contact your local help desk if you need to request a hardware token.

The automatic enrollment process has begun for appointed faculty. For those who have not self-enrolled, you will be automatically enrolled between May 15 and June 15, 2022.

Self-enroll in UTORMFA


Am I required to enroll?

UTORMFA verifies your identity using a second factor, like a mobile device or hardware token, to ensure that only you can login.

Is it easy to use?

Self-enroll in minutes. Verify your identity with two clicks. That’s it.

What if I’m travelling? Do I need access to Wi-Fi?

No. If you bring your phone with you, UTORMFA can automatically generate a passcode if you don’t have access to Wi-Fi or data.

What if I lose my phone?

UTORMFA offers a bypass code service that enables you to login if your mobile device or hardware token is lost, broken or unavailable.

Am I required to enroll?

Yes, UTORMFA is a security requirement for all U of T community members. Appointed faculty members who have not self-enrolled by May 15, 2022 will be automatically enrolled between May 15 and June 15.

Will not enrolling in UTROMFA affect my access to University systems?

Once the automatic-enrollment process takes effect, you will need UTORMFA to access University systems. To ensure that your access to University systems is not interrupted, please enroll in UTORMFA as soon as possible.

The majority of U of T appointed staff have already enrolled in UTORMFA and have not faced issues.