Members of the University of Toronto community often have a first name other than an official name that they use to identify themselves to others. Recognizing this, the University of Toronto allows members to set and use their preferred first name. Differentiating between the preferred and official first names allows the University to enable individual preference in applications that do not have a requirement to use official names. Based on approval of the IAM advisory committee this implementation plan will enact the adoption of a consolidated Display Name across the University’s IT infrastructure.

Expected outcomes include:

  1. Update in UTORauth (my.auth) will have a single field for display name (previously known as preferred first name) and this information will be provided to downstream applications.
  2. Update in HRIS, SIS, Acorn, etc will be modified with the addition of ‘display name’ field.
  3. Display Name will be exposed through the Weblogin service to Shibboleth service providers.

This document provides more information: