New auditing and notification procedures for eToken Administrators

Authentication Services has added two new features to eToken notification procedures to assist departmental eToken administrators in the management of tokens within their department.

These features include,

  1. A welcome email for new eToken administrators once an eToken is enrolled.
  2. A monthly audit that monitors staff under your administration who have recently had a change in employment status at the University.

For more detail please see below.


Email Notification for newly enrolled eToken administrators

The purpose of the welcome email is to notify  new admins of a successfull enrolment and to provide them with important details regarding their eToken.

The email you will receive is as follows…

Dear User,

Subject: Your New eToken

A new etoken has been prepared for you by your system administrator.

Your new etoken has the following details:

Serial Number: XXXXXXXXXX

Token Password: XXXXXXXXXXXX

Department Administrators can find assistance and instructions on eToken management on our website under Information for Department Administartors and under the FAQ portion of the website

You have received this email to confirm your eToken is enrolled properly with administrator privileges.
You are now able to enroll eTokens for other users.

Should you encounter any difficulties when using your eToken, please contact us at

We wish you success with your new token.

Best regards,

Authentication Services
Information Security
Information Technology Service
University of Toronto

Monthly Audit

The purpose of this email is to assisst admins in the management and recovery of eTokens after a user is no longer in need of their token.

Some administrators manage tokens for multiple departments with users who they may not interact with on a daily basis which in turn makes it difficult to know when an eToken must be unassigned and retrived.

Administrators will now receive an email alerting them that a staff or faculty member’s status at the University has changed. The administrator should in

If the employment and/or faculty status still remains inactive after 15 days of the initial change an email will be sent to authentication services and the user will be unassigned by the service.

If there is a need for the eToken and the user should not be unassigned admins should email and provide the users

  1. User First & Last Name
  2. UTORid
  3. Reason for continued use after change in status