Date of Effectiveness

To Be Determined

Standard Owner

Director, Information Security, Information Technology Services


Version 0.5

Summary showing Section Headings

ID Section Headings Brief Description
CRP-GN General
CRP-HS Hardware and Software
CRP-CT Contingency
CRP-DC Digital Certificates
CRP-RN Random Number Generators
CRP-KM Key Management
CRP-KP Key Classification and Protection
CRP-KI Process and Key Inventory Documentation
CRP-KC Key Compromise
CRP-KR Key Recovery and Archiving
CRP-KG Key Generations
CRP-KD Key Distribution / Loading
CRP-KU Key Use
CRP-KS Key Physical Key Storage
CRP-KE Key Expiry / Retirement
CRP-DK Destruction of Key Materials and Associated Electronic Storage Media

Cryptography Standard Controls