Unlicensed Version of Safenet Authentication Client (SAC)

It has come to our attention that some eToken users between March 28 and May 2 may have downloaded an unlicensed copy of the Safenet Authentication Client due to an administrative error which resulted in the posting of an incorrect version for download at secure.sis.utoronto.ca .

In total we have identified 90 users who visited the download site between those dates. An email will be sent to the users who may be effected by this error.

To identify if you are running an unlicensed copy please complete the following steps

  1. Open Safenet Authentication Client Tools
  2. Select the information button “i”
  3. if you see the message “This is an unlicensed copy for evaluation use only” then you are currently using the wrong version of SAC

If you see this message please go to secure.sis.utoronto.ca and download the current version of SAC

If you have any question please contact Authentication Services at auth.admin@utoronto.ca