Self-Serve Certificate Renewal

This document describes how users can renew the certificate on their eToken. A user is notified of an impending certificate expiry in one or more of the following ways: via email notification, or, on a configured Microsoft Windows desktop, by a balloon window popup generated by the eToken client.


  1. The desktop computer used to renew certificates must be prepared as described at: Administrator Information for Windows Domain-attached Computers or Administrator Information for Windows non-Domain-attached Computers. SafeNet clients for MacOSX and Linux desktops do not support self-service renewal.


  1. Configure Internet Explorer as described at: SafeNet Windows Desktop Client Need-to-Know.
  2. With the eToken plugged in, navigate (using Internet Explorer browser) to
  3. Select ‘Update the token content’ -> ‘Start’ -> enter eToken password as prompted -> select ‘Submit’ button (ignore the Token Name).
  4. Success notification is displayed on completion.