S1 has undergone a privacy assessment to ensure functionality is limited to the least degree of collection and use needed to protect you and the University’s digital assets.

S1 uses data from the device operating system and automated analysis to enable quick detection of and response to attacks and device compromise. The information involved may include:

  • File data (such as file names, sizes and hashes)
  • Process and registry data
  • Network connection data (device IP addresses and ports)
  • Device metadata (device identifiers, device names and operating system version)
  • Device health (CPU usage, storage capacity)
  • User metadata (utorid, username of logged-in user, group membership)

If manual intervention is needed, this information is used by divisional/faculty IT personnel and the Information Security team to investigate the high likelihood of advanced threats, compromised devices and potential data breaches. Uses outside of these purposes are strictly prohibited.

S1 employees do not interact with data unless the University directly engages them for assistance and troubleshooting. S1 may use aggregate data for service improvement purposes, but only in a manner that is not linked to any identifiable individual.

Any data collected is subject to and protected by applicable laws and University policy.