This document describes the procedure for configuring desktop access for the Windows Entire Connect client with the eToken and Cisco AnyConnect VPN.


  1. Possession of eToken with UTORauth-issued certificate and a current version of the SafeNet client installed on Windows hosts.
  2. Installed Cisco AnyConnect VPN client configured for use with the eToken.
  3. Entire Connect client installed.
  4. Staff authorization configured.

To use the Entire Connect client, the user must have a login ID and a password. The password is the same as that used for the Rocketshuttle client.

Desktop Configuration:

  1. Open the Entire Connection Configuration Manager, navigate as follows: Terminal Objects -> Host Sessions ->  right click for New -> TN3270 Session.
  2. Enter a Session Name (eg. eToken Session), select the Communication… button. For Hostname enter:, select Custom TCP port and enter 2301.
  3. Close and save configuration.


  • Start the Cisco AnyConnect VPN.
  • Start the Entire Connect client, enter login ID and password when prompted.