Improved Information Security and Enterprise Architecture Website

Welcome to the re-vamped Information Security and Enterprise Architecture  (ISEA) website. The objective for the new site is to improve the presentation and usability of ISEA’s services and information. In conjunction with the Information Security Awareness and Education site (, you can easily find information and see it presented in a format that fits your needs.

New features:

  • updated information security incident response procedure and reporting information.
  • improved view of the information security risk assessment service.
  • a view of work on ISEA and ITS compliance practices for data retention.
  • a view of  ITS work on information security standards, guidelines and procedures.

Check the ‘Services’ section that includes help and documentation for:

  • Identity and Access Management (UTORid account information, UTORid and eToken authentication, UTORGrouper and UTORauth authorization services).
  • Enterprise Architecture principles and artifacts.
  • Enterprise Active Directory.
  • Antivirus advice, network vulnerability scanning service.

Our goal is to provide the University community with services and information that can be used to reduce information security associated risks. I welcome your comments and suggestions.