SafeNet eToken is our current MFA solution for all three UofT campuses. There are a lot services that rely on eToken usages such as AdminsysVPN, AMS, ROSI, etc. We have department eToken administrators who help eToken users to manage their eToken in different departments. Some of the eToken requests can be performed remotely via email interaction or phone call with corresponding administrators and some require eToken users physically bring their eTokens to eToken administrator.

During this pandemic period, many eToken administrators and eToken users are working from home, meaning that many prior in-person operations are either unavailable or have barriers to create a solution. In response to this, we have enabled the SAM Self Service portal on SAM Server via The SAM Self Service portal allows eToken users to manage their own eTokens through the website instead of meeting their administrators

Currently, the self-service portal offers the following services:

If you have any concerns or inquiries, please contact us.