How Do I Designate Primary and Secondary ROSI Accounts?

For users who have two ROSI accounts a primary account should be established for use with Host Explorer. The secondary account will only be accessible with use of a ROSI password via Entire Connect.

Your primary account will be the account that auto-connects with eToken when logging in through Host Explorer.

If you have two existing accountsand wish to establish your primary account please follow the following steps:

  • Please contactauth.admin@utoronto.cawith the subject line ROSI Primary Account Designation
  • Please provide the service with both existing ROSI IDs and establish which is to be primary and which is to be secondary.

If you are requesting a new ROSI accountand would like to have your new account replace an existing accountas your primary log-in please follow these steps:

  • Please have your ROSI Access Control representative indicate the desire to switch primary access to the new account when submitting the access request form.
  • The request will also have to list your second ROSI ID in order to facilitate the switch.