My ROSI connection is failing…

If you can connect to the Cisco VPN follow these instructions…
Your ROSI Account is likely locked due to inactivity (6 months or longer since last log-in)

Please Contact and provide them with the following

  • UTORid
  • ROSI id
  • UofT telephone number (please provide extension if applicable)

If you cannot connect to the Cisco VPN please take the following steps…

Step One: Unplug your token from your computer

Step Two:Restart the Computer

Step Three:Attempt to connect to Cisco again

If the issue persists please contact your departmental IT support. Should they require assistance they can contact auth.admin@utoronto.cadirectly. Please quote the FAQ in part of your message for easier identification of the issue and faster response times.

**Note: Support services from authentication administration are provided to technical assistance staff and is not service geared towards end user assistance**