Refer to the CMM Scoring sheet and the descriptions of risk strategies while you are completing the assessment.
Capability Maturity Model Scoring Sheet
Risk Strategy Descriptions

Video Tutorials

These four videos are designed to help you get started with your Unit Information Risk Self-Assessment. For help obtaining an account or accessing the assessment tool, visit the Inventory and Assessment Tool page.

IRSA Fundamentals

New to the Self-Assessment Program? This fundamentals video will walk you through the basics: from accessing the assessment tool to scoring risk areas to defining your plans towards reducing information risk in your organization.

Click the image to watch. Length 07:43s

Capability Maturity Model, a Standard Method for Scoring

The IRSA uses a Capability Maturity Model (CMM) to assist you in assessing and scoring your unit’s activities around Information Risk. Watch this video to learn how CMM can be applied to the U of T Information Risk Areas.

Click the image to watch. Length 04:39s

Capability Maturity Model Scoring Sheet

Risk Strategies and Plans

A key component to an Information Risk Management Program are the strategies you use to address risk and the plans for implementing those strategies. This video will explain the common strategies used in information risk management, and walk through some scenarios and example plans.

Click the image to watch. Length 06:17s

Risk Strategy Descriptions

University Partnerships and Shared Responsibility

We’re all in this together! Many units at the University use the services of other units to support the management of their systems and programs. This video addresses the ways in which units can describe and document these linkages, and the concept of shared responsibility between clients and service providers.

Click the image to watch. Length 04:16s