In these workshops, we will use the DAI-IRSA framework and survey tools to illustrate concepts of information risk management and data governance principles and how they can be used to effectively govern data and reduce risk to the University data assets your unit handles.

The workshop combines instruction with demonstrations of the inventory and assessment tools, and opportunities to discuss and learn from other workshop participants.

Learning Outcomes:
Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand data assets at the University and how they are used to achieve our objectives
  • Understand basic risk principles and how they relate to data assets and cybersecurity at U of T
  • Use the DAI-IRSA to learn more about cybersecurity and information risk management practices
  • Describe the data assets your unit manages at a high level
  • Assess the information risk management activities in your unit
  • Use the DAI-IRSA to identify gaps and create an Information Risk Management Program

It is recommended to register to access the DAI-IRSA tool before the workshop, so that you can participate in the practical learning elements. Live demonstrations of the tool will also be provided.

To arrange for training for your division or department, please contact the DAI-IRSA program team.