How your unit or division approaches completion of the assessment is up to you. Determine your approach and use the templates below to help you coordinate this task for your area.

  • Multi-departmental faculties and larger divisions, may be best represented by having major departments, programs or functional areas complete their own assessments
  • Single-department faculties, and most academic and administrative departments, will generally be best represented by a single inventory and assessment

Tips for Conducting a Successful Assessment

  • Assign one person to be responsible for organizing meetings, internal communications, and / or collecting and compiling responses.
  • Review the Information Risk Categories and survey questions.
  • Identify and involve those responsible in the various risk categories.
  • Review and have your team review the training resources on this website.
  • Focus on those data assets and information risk areas that are important to the operation of your unit.
  • Reach out to the DAI-IRSA Program Team for help & guidance when you need it.

When you are ready to get started, login to the inventory and assessment tools. If your unit does not yet have an account, you may register your unit here.

For unit or divisional DAI-IRSA Coordinators

A little preparation can go a long way! Use these templates to help you identify the key people and tasks when preparing to complete the DAI-IRSA for your division or unit.

  • If you are coordinating multiple assessments across units in your division, start with this template: Roll-Out-Template_Multiple
  • If you are coordinating a single assessment for a single department or unit, start with this template: Roll-Out-Template_Single

InfoSheet to assist in your internal communications: DAI-IRSA_InfoSheet

Sample slide deck to assist in your internal communications: contact the DAI-IRSA Team