Updated Jan. 5, 2018.

You may have heard about the list of 1.4 billion accounts and passwords released in December, 2017 in the media. This is known publicly as the “Breach Compilation List”. Information Security/ITS has determined there are a significant number of affected UTORid accounts.

The impact is that the login and password information for these accounts is available in multiple places on the Internet.

Information Security Response

  1. All UTORid accounts affected by this compromise have had their passwords reset or have been notified to change their passwords.


Please check this page for updated response information. Check with your department/division support for assistance.

User Information

  • If you find that you cannot log into your UTORid account or access your email, please contact Information Commons helpdesk.
  • The well known site https://haveibeenpwned.com/ has the Breach Compilation list. This can be used to check the status of individual users.
  • If you haven’t done so, please set up your self-serve password reset at this site. This is a convenient way to ensure you can quickly recover from a locked account or a forgotten password.